November 30, 2011

Luke's Rock'en 30th Part II

The day after the fabulous party at Zaza, I met with Luke and Faith again for a photo shoot with him and his military friends on the McKinney Square.
Such a crazy fun group!!    

First, we needed a cup of coffee and maybe some ice cream :)

Then to select a wall for our first pose...This one was the winner.

I kept telling them to scatter, and they they kept going in clusters!  I learned the correct term is disperse.

Some of his friends with Luke when they first met.

But in no time at all, they came to realize what an amazing person this Luke guy is!

 Apparently, this is a reenactment to an older photo/joke (don't try this at home)

Marching off into the Sunset

And I'll end with this shot of Luke with his wonderful wife, Faith :).  Thanks again for making me a part of your birthday!

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