April 14, 2010


Despite my allergies (which are killing me at the moment), I LOVE spring! I love flowers and fresh green leaves, the warm sun and cool air, leaving my windows open-I could go on :)
Spring is here...That's for sure, but I'm still waiting on my flowers. I see other's have their rose bush blooming, but I'm still waiting for mine. My Cilantro and wild flowers are all sprouted, but when oh when will they finally flower?!
{my dad's puppy, Clyde..He looks like he's waiting too}
{The wild flowers in my pot}

I have one tiny little bud on my rose bush, and I'm so excited! I planted it middle of last month and it has gown so fast...and now I have a rose bud!
{a tiny little bitty rose bud on my rose bush}

I hope I will be able to post some flow pictures soon!