April 14, 2010


Despite my allergies (which are killing me at the moment), I LOVE spring! I love flowers and fresh green leaves, the warm sun and cool air, leaving my windows open-I could go on :)
Spring is here...That's for sure, but I'm still waiting on my flowers. I see other's have their rose bush blooming, but I'm still waiting for mine. My Cilantro and wild flowers are all sprouted, but when oh when will they finally flower?!
{my dad's puppy, Clyde..He looks like he's waiting too}
{The wild flowers in my pot}

I have one tiny little bud on my rose bush, and I'm so excited! I planted it middle of last month and it has gown so fast...and now I have a rose bud!
{a tiny little bitty rose bud on my rose bush}

I hope I will be able to post some flow pictures soon!

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  1. I know how you feel. It is wildly exciting to see something you planted back when it was December with snow on the ground, come to life and bloom. It always amazes me how beauty is born from such small, humble places.