July 18, 2010


Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted! I would like to say that it was because I was sooo busy that I just couldn't find the time...but I have a confession: truth is I'm a terrible procrastinator. But I am trying to form good habits this summer! I've been running, practicing my guitar (which I'm terrible at), and now I will be blogging.
While I'm at it, I'll get a few other confessions off my chest....
{confession #2}
I spent a year sleeping on am Ikea couch
Last May (that would be May 2009) I brought my cat from my parents house to my new apartment. While I'm sure he was delighted to be re-united with me, he was unhappy with the change in environment. He communicated his displeasure by peeing on my bed. Thus being the poor chick that I am, I waited for this year's income tax return to buy a real bed.
Here is my brand new bed in all it's glory!
I LOVE to cook! ...but I hate to clean up afterwards.
I cook all my meals, and I'm not too bad at it. I cook Mexican, Asian, American, and even some Mediterranean. Baked, fried or steamed, it doesn't matter. What's not so great is the mess I make...Here's another habit I'm trying to form this summer-cleaning up after myself! Don't get me wrong, I love laundry, and I can straighten a living room like no bodies business. But I hate cleaning the kitchen.

Here's a little mess in the making: 100% oat pancake with sausage
{confession #4}
Video games give me nightmares
Okay, not all! I love Super Mario, Castle Crashers, and Fable II. But make me play Modern Warfare and I'll about have a heart attack! The first time I played Left for Dead with my roommate, I had a zombie nightmare...In fact I've had three since. I've gotten better; that is, in my dreams I can shoot the zombies and find the safe room.
This is more my speed!

{Confession #5}

I LOVE flowers! If only I wouldn't forget to water them.

My rosebush is surviving, but I've about killed my wildflower pots. My Cilantro is long gone. I wish I could blame the Texas heat (and I do), but really a little water here and there would solve the problem.

My surprisingly hardy rose bush

Thanks for reading! Next week, I will post some more senior stuff like I promised.

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