January 26, 2010

Here's Travis again! My big little brother...Once upon a time, I was taller than he was...and thinner. But now he is a giant and super fit! It must be all that ranch work he does with my dad. Something about hard work, sun , and good food really made him grow.
He actually asked me to bring my camera this time. I'm glad he has resigned himself to the fact that he makes a good model, haha.
We where still fighting the time a little because he had to run and help someone with their weed eater...Neighbors :p. But at least I had enough time to get a bunch of close ups and a few standing (about 10 min worth). Here's a few of my favorites from Sunday.

I love taking pictures of my family. While waiting for Travis I got some really cute candid shots of my little sisters. I get those edited and posted soon.

January 20, 2010

Sadly, I completely forgot my camera Sunday when I went to visit my family...So, here are a few other photographs that I had saved from this past year! I love the pictures of these two girlies! North and South are posing for me as they guard my dad's sheep. They are the only dogs that actually stay and guard the sheep, and my dad had been trying with different dogs for years. The last dog that we spent days and hours training ended up a porch dog with the nickname Sausage (since he is now as fat as a sausage link).
This is dear Cheyenne after winter finally set in and killed most the greenery. I think the brown of Texas winter is ugly, but here it highlights Cheyenne's beautiful white. This is my favorite picture of her.

January 16, 2010

I go to my parent's house most Sunday's to hang out with the family...and sometimes take pictures. Last Sunday, me and my brother ran out into my dad's pasture for pictures, but were a little too late to catch the sunlight. I took a few pictures of him anyway. He's always a good sport.

All I had was the flash, but I think they turned out pretty good. I'm going to plan a little better for this Sunday (aka tomorrow) and get a few more.

January 10, 2010

Back on Christmas Morning

I know I'm about three weeks late, but Texas had snow for Christmas! I was so excited that I made everyone wait to open presents while I took a few pictures. I have been asking God for snow on Christmas since I was six. I guess you can blame me for the climate change.
My sister, Jessica, and my sweet little puppy, Beowulf, came out to convince me that the snow shoot was over and it was time for presents. I snuck a shot of them instead.
I actually hate the cold, but, if it snowed whenever it was cold, I might change my mind.