January 26, 2010

Here's Travis again! My big little brother...Once upon a time, I was taller than he was...and thinner. But now he is a giant and super fit! It must be all that ranch work he does with my dad. Something about hard work, sun , and good food really made him grow.
He actually asked me to bring my camera this time. I'm glad he has resigned himself to the fact that he makes a good model, haha.
We where still fighting the time a little because he had to run and help someone with their weed eater...Neighbors :p. But at least I had enough time to get a bunch of close ups and a few standing (about 10 min worth). Here's a few of my favorites from Sunday.

I love taking pictures of my family. While waiting for Travis I got some really cute candid shots of my little sisters. I get those edited and posted soon.

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