April 13, 2011

Gary George

Graduation Time!!

And this year it is my cousin Gary :)

Once upon a time the Georges lived in Iowa, and I rarely got to see them. Only every once in a while they would come down for a holiday to visit.

Now that they are finally here, I'm getting to know them like I should have in the first place! That and do my cousin's graduation pictures, also like I should.

Living so far away, I had no idea that I had a cousin who could shred the guitar!! (that's right, right? you shred a guitar?)

Nor was I aware of his Michel Jordan like abilities. Cousins should never live far away.

Congratulations Gary! You are very talented, and I know you will go far.

April 12, 2011


Oh no! I've lost you!

A week or so ago I changed my url. I had good reason for it, really! photosbynatalietuggle just felt a little limiting...and long. Not that natalietuggleandetc is much shorter (couple letters actually), but now I can blog about photos and whatever else I want to tell you. That's what I love about etc. This, that, and you know everything else.

However, I didn't think about losing people in the processes (oops!). So if you where wondering what happened to me,