February 13, 2010

I can't believe I am blogging about snow again! I could understand ice maybe, but I have never seen so much snow in Texas in my life time. I love it! Me and some buddies made snow angel, snow men, and got into snow ball fights. All that and we never looked down realizing that we had run out of snow as a normal Texas snow fall would have. Instead it just kept falling and stacking up higher.
Day two of snow, I gave the snow a photoshoot early that morning. I can't get over the natural beauty of snow. It turns any mediocre landscape into a piece of art work. I only could wish that it had survived all of day three.
{The view from my window}
{on the way to the mail box}

{A puppy playing in the snow at the dog park}

{walking through the neighborhood}


  1. Hay get your facts straight.

    It was a snowWOMEN.

  2. hahaha! I'm sorry, I insulted Helen.

  3. Yes, yes it is quite all right; just don't let it happen again.

    BTW do have a photo that I can use for a blog entry of my own, doesn't matter what of.

  4. It is beautiful! But I don't miss it all! From MN, living in CA now :) Stay warm! -Jami