November 11, 2011

The Cacal Family

Last weekend my friend Marie introduced me to her sister's family the Cacals.  Sweetness must be a family trait, cause they were the sweetest.  And, Mr. Cacal is certainly a lucky man to be surrounded by such loving, kind ladies.  

And this little girl!!!  She just stole the show.

Nothing funner than getting to play peek-a-boo during a photo shoot.  Cracks me up more than the kid!

The Mr. and the risk of being redundant...are so SWEET!  Like the love birds they are.

The three girls have such a strong friendship, just the way siblings should.

I started to ask the two oldest if I could get a picture of all three of them. But before I even got the words out, they grabbed the little one and struck this pose.

Angels!  All of them!!

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  1. Great pictures! I see a very successful career for you.

    Carole Ann