November 15, 2011

Luke's Rock'en 30th Part I

Luke has turned the big 3-0.
And everyone is very happy and excited about this, not only because Luke is a great guy, but because he is such a wonderful and talented friend, son, brother, and husband that survived a horrific accident only a handful of years ago.  As the toasts were given before the cake, I was struck by all the love that Luke has given and in this moment was receiving back.  I knew Luke myself when we were kids.  I didn't talk to him much, mostly 'cause he was older than me...and I thought he seemed a little...different.  I was not alone in thinking so!  Luke is very different!  Luke is and has always been an incredibly amazing artist (who is being published!), a computer genius, the kind of guy who never gets angry at a person, and is just the best kind of friend a person can have.
Faith, his wife, was especially happy for the day!  Which is why she put together this fabulous Asian style party at the hotel Zaza!!!

I was amazed to find a huge bucket of fortune cookies all including a little fact about the birthday boy inside.

This cake is extra cool!  On top are two characters from Luke's comic, Seven Percent.  And the logo is on all the cupcakes :D.

Luke really loved his cake!

Really loved it!!

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