March 07, 2012

Daniela and the Lighting Kit!

I was going to do so well in February!  I had at least one blog idea for each week, and one for this week as well.  But I ran a race...a big 13.1 miles!  From which I was traumatized for a week, and spent the next week trying to catch up.
But more on that later.
During my time of recovery, a lady I am working with, Karen, gave me a lighting kit complete with three lights and two background as payment for a recent job.
I am ecstatic to announce that I can now do studio lighting with (or without) backgrounds.
My friend Daniela came over the weekend that I got my new toy and helped me test it all out.  Isn't she gorgeous!  I've been sitting on these for almost a week, dying to get them out!

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