March 12, 2012

1/2 Marathon

Mid February, I ran a distance that a few years ago I thought impossible.
The morning was cold and raining.  This meant that my cute cotton attire was not going to work...I was really concerned until I found a windbreaker suit that I got when I was maybe 14.  I was a rather hefty 14 year old 'cause I  really had to pull on those drawstrings.  The two pieces didn't match.  But at least now I would be dry.
I didn't expect anyone to be at the start especially in the rain.  I felt really lucky that I would have my friend, Faith, to see me through the finish line.  So I was super surprised to find Lacey already there with a camcorder!...In the rain!
After I started, Lacey was joined by Marie who drove around with the most awesome sign and even once jumped out of a bush to..surprise cheer? haha!
Honestly, I would not have done nearly so well as I did if they where not there.  Especially at the last two mile, the thought of my friends waiting at the finish line was what kept me going even when my hips gave out (I've never realized how important hip muscles are to moving!!)
2 hours and 11 minutes.  That was my time :)

(The most awesome sign...after it was in my room for a while)

But since running I've been asked
Why did I run a half marathon?
I've been asked that question just enough times to turn my simple answer of really wanting the bummer sticker into a question like the meaning of life.
Why did I run 13 plus miles?
I'm not in ancient Greece with important battle information, so why bother with such distance? 
The whole reason I started running in the first place was to help me lose weight.  And, I chose running cause 1) I love cardio, and 2) my mom and I always jogged together growing up.
But there is something in me that wants to get a pat on the head saying good job.  So, when I got a bronze medal at my very first 5k two years ago, I was hooked.  In fact I ran races all that summer hoping I could get one more.  One more "Good job, Nat!"
Then I started noticing the stickers.  Simple little white circles that said 13.1 and 26.2 proudly displayed on the back windows of very health people in my neighborhood.
So, yup! The simple answer really is true...I just wanted the sticker.  I wanted people to see it on the back of my car.
Even though that selfish bit bothers me about myself, at least enough for me to keep journalling about it, I'm going to keep running...maybe all the way to full marathon...'cause what would happen if I really did need to deliver an urgent message on foot?

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  1. Natalie, I know a really great marathon for you to run next year! We ran the half two years ago and Eric ran it again (cheering on our 2nd year team) from Haiti this past October 2011. This is how we raised most of the funds needed for our adoptions. Check it out and spread the word to your running friends!