February 02, 2012

Lozano Family!

Okay, time to get my act together!  I've got a cute family to show off!
The Lozano's are some old and wonderful friends of mine and my family's, so I was very excited to do their photo session on December 26th..Christmas Celebration Continues!!!!
I hadn't seen most of them in years!  The family has always been involved in some kind of missionary work since I could remember, and the three oldest joined the air force and live(d) in different parts of the US...Joel and Benaiah in sunny Cali (so jealous!).
I'm so honored to have photographed them while they were all together this past holiday.
Thank you for your service for both the US and Christ.

Naturally, the boys had to climb the tree.

The siblings!

Before we where done, we had to get a few of Daniela in this gorgeous dress!
So pretty :)

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