January 04, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Hello 2012!
Something about this year feels special.
Maybe because for the first time since college, I know the direction I want my life to go.
Not that I'm all that sure that I will get there, or that the path will be as I envisioned.  But the fact that I have a sense of direction is exciting.
Already it has been a busy year: Offer to do a shoot for a singer, the largest print order I have ever had, and I lead the 5 minute tech meeting for the volunteers before church for the first time.  That last one may not seem like such a big deal...but it falls right into my New Year's Resolve: Bravery.
People scare me.
I could give you all kinds of reasons why, but it boils down to the self confidence that I have always lacked.  Perhaps I really am silly with nothing but ridiculous ideas, and everyone has every right to judge me harshly.
Or, maybe I'm just human like everybody else.
Whichever the case, I have resolved to be brave!
I resolve to post that kind comment on facebook
I resolve to lead the church tech meeting
I resolve to host more parties
I resolve to talk to people I barely know
I resolve to not avoid the personality behind the counter whose humor I cannot keep up with

I had decided this the first week of January, but while I was nervously getting ready to lead the tech meeting, another resolve hit me: Humility.  On the surface it looks like a weakness, but actually I think it is bravery's true strength.  I may not say all the right things, I may not make sense, I may not have makeup on (and I didn't); but I will offer what I have, ask for help, and take your criticism.  At least I did at that moment; bravery and humility are going to take some work!

Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Awesome all around. Happy New Year!! It's the little changes that make a huge impact in the world around you - go after it.

    I love New Years Resolutions - you are making me want to expand my list! Love yours!