August 17, 2010

Panther Creek

This weekend {August 21st} my family is opening up a shop called Panther Creek! We will be selling all kinds of wonderful items including antiques, home made soaps {thank you Erin!}, and....Puppies!!!
My little Beowulf is a daddy, and his pups are absolutely adorable! Before you think on stopping by and picking up a lil guy for your one bedroom apartment, let me warn you that that they can get up to 150 lbs or more being that their mama is a Great Pyrenees and their papa is an Anatolian Shepherd. But they are supper sweet and will love and protect any human and animal they are raised with.

Here are few of the antiques we will be selling. There will be a whole lot more on the day of the sell.

I LOVE this rocking horse!!! If I had any room in my apartment at all, I would buy that before any of you could come out and see it, haha!

Please come and have a look around; my parents property is a lovely place. I also think Erin is bringing fresh cut flowers , jalapeno sea salt, and some veggies {I'm pretty excited for her soap!}.

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