October 14, 2011

Marie + Francis

Francis is such a brave dude. He knew Marie was in a serious relationship and that being honest about his feelings would be dangerous. But he couldn't lie to his friend. He liked her. He really liked her. But of course, Marie had to say no.
Undaunted, Francis the brave continued to be her loyal friend.
Months and months later, something changed. Francis knew, but he was going to wait. If all she wanted was a friend, he was going to be there for her, but he couldn't help but hope.
Then one evening, she went to visit him and his family to watch TV as usual. Marie hadn't forgotten, in fact she had been thinking about what he said for a while now...and she was in love. And she told him so! She told him that she loved him as they sat together watching...well, who would remember something like that at a time like this!?


  1. AHHHHHH!!!! oh my!!!! this is absolutely amazing!!!!!! my heart is just jumping while viewing this!!!! and wrote our story in such a wonderful and accurate way!!! LOL! I love your work Natalie!!!!