August 03, 2011

21st Birthday Fun!

Twenty one years.

One moment I'm helping my little cousin in Awanas, and the next we are celebrating her 21st birthday! And what better way than to get her gang together and do a photo shoot :D (yes, I'm using a smily face as punctuation) Abby had this idea beacuse one of her friends, Pooja, is heading off and away to UTA, and we had to capture the moment while everyone was together. I was so excited for this shoot; One, I was going to be hanging out with the Amazing Abby, and next, I was going to get to know her wonderful friends.

Abby and her college buddies, Laura, Jen, Pooja, and Kristin, are such a blast! We had such a good time, and the laughter just kept coming.

We started with the birthday girl in some Breakfast at Tiffany style outfits. Being Audery Hepburn fans, we simply couldn't help ourselves.

And now comes the sun dresses...and the frolicking!

Abby, you are such a super model!

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