June 07, 2011

Sean and Blessy

Blessy was new to Dallas; she didn't know anyone. So, a family friend invited her to a party in hopes of introducing her to some new friends. Little did she know that this gorgeous girl would enchant Sean at first sight.

Blessy thought he seemed nice, but didn't understand why he kept hanging around until that Sunday, Sean found her at church and gave her his number saying to call him anytime. The next Sunday, he found her again and reminded her that she could call him anytime she wanted. He did that the next Sunday, and the Sunday after that, and the Sunday after that until one day she finally called him.

And the love blossomed!

Four years later, they announced their engagement: ready to start their happily ever after.

Such a beautiful ceremony...

...and exquisit reception!

Thanks again Blessy and Sean for making me a part of your wedding. It was a great pleasure!

Wedding Makeup Artist: Jeena Samuel


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  1. Beautiful pictures, Natalie.

    Carole Ann