March 21, 2011

Other Places

I cannot think of anyone who doesn't dream of other places. Even my ranch'en Daddy, who hates to travel, occasionally dreams of wide open ranges that are...A little up north, in the hill country, or in a whole other state.
But I don't dream of other places, I crave them. I take a little more after flight attendant Mommy, who loves airports, new cities, and different hotel rooms ever night.
Have you ever sat back with your coffee at an airport to watch all the people with places to go? They are different from the usual people you see at the mall or walking down the street.
They are going to other places.
Expectation is all over there face.
I don't actually travel a lot, but I wish I could.
A couple of weeks ago, me and the family went to the River Walk at San Antonio. Though not all that far from where I live, it was magic!

We strolled, we ate, we boated, but most of all I had such a blast taking photos!!! Everything seemed extra beautiful, and the lighting was perfect...

This is me and the family at my favorite restaurant during our trip. Super delicious, and we watched them squeeze the oranges before they served us the orange juice. Sooo good!
Also loved the fact that we ate out doors most every meal. Though we occasionally worried about the over head birds, we all managed to avoid any catastrophes.

The city was beautiful, but now I am home again...Wishing for another adventure. Maybe soon.


  1. Look at us, both blogging again.

    PS When is our next adventure? How about Austin?

  2. Good blog. I think we all have wanderlust sometimes, it must go back to our settler's roots. :)