March 15, 2010

I'm starting to get requests from seniors to take the portraits that they will be sending out to all their grandparents, aunt, uncles, friends... So, I thought I would do a post of the very first session that I did last year, even though it was actually a model shoot... But I figure that many seniors would prefer to look like models anyway, right ;).
This shoot was really fun! I had never met Elise before, but she was a natural. I would just stick her somewhere and she knew what to do. I have since stolen a few ideas.
She was so easy going; she let me take a few artsy shots for fun.

If you know anyone who needs some portraits to send out (whatever the occasion), just let me know!


  1. These are LOVELY! Senior portraits are a great idea. Can't wait to see the ones you'll be taking!

  2. I like the connection between you and Elise. I also like the artistic poses.

    Carole Ann